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What Sets Us Apart

A Vegetarian restaurant for the demanding diners

Gulmohar unveils a gamut of delectable dishes featuring an awe-inspiring vegetarian menu. We serve freshly prepared food in a backdrop designed for a majestic dining experience, especially for you!

Our menu has evolved through the handed-down home-style cooking technique, with an emphasis on natural ingredients. We focus on retaining the authenticity of each cuisine by preparing them using indigenous spices and recipes. Join us for a traditional Udupi-style breakfast, a quintessential Kerala meal, an authentic North Indian lunch and a scrumptious Oriental spread.

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Food Philosophy

For ages, Kozhikodans have been led to believe that a delicious meal has to be meat-based. We, in Gulmohar, have dared to go against this conventional wisdom to churn out a meat-free vegetarian spread packed with flavour without compromising the taste. Whether you are a die-hard meat-lover or a vegetarian, we promise to relish your palates with the wide assortment of vegetarian options and a dining experience you would never forget.

However, taking the challenge of voyaging into the uncharted waters of vegetarianism was neither effortless nor ephemeral. We spent an immense amount of time handpicking our team, training them, curating recipes through rigorous trials and settling for nothing less than the best to get what Kozhikode truly deserves - A true-blue Vegetarian Restaurant. We commit ourselves to raise the bar every day to make your experience with Gulmohar memorable.

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